Lakota Phrases & Words

For those interested in the Lakota language. Will update frequently.

Tohanl taku washakela wachin hatan, Wal-Mart ekta ble

When I want to buy something cheap, I go to Wal-Mart

Mita omasa phela ki snayela ho/he

My cell phone is ringing

Magaju ki kitanla akisni

The rain calmed down just a bit

Tahanl Wacinyanke

It was great seeing you

(remember that all C’s in the lakota language are always pronounced Ch)

Sorry for the long delay

I was sick with the flu for a week. Now feeling 80% better :P

I’ll post some phrases today


I understand how difficult it is to pronounce some words, so to help I’m planning to post audio in the future.

I know there are some lessons on YouTube already. I’ll try my best to make my own original recordings just for y’all B)

Tuktel takal ki un ho/he?

Where is the restroom?

Blugo ahble, wana mishtime wachin

I’m getting tired, I want to sleep

Oglala Lakota
Bill Center
Olglala Lakota

Bill Center - Oglala Lakota :)

For your entertainment

The Berenstein Bears in Lakota. 

Very intriguing!